Nordic Cleantech Open - 10th Edition
Welcome to THE competition for cleantech start-ups – the Nordic Cleantech Open!

The main focus of the Nordic Cleantech Open competition is to identify, support and promote the 25 best cleantech start-ups in the Nordic and Baltic regions. The applicants will be reviewed by our jury of international investors and industrials, who will provide valuable feedback for each case. Therefore, we kindly ask you to fill in the application thoroughly, so the jury can get a better understanding of your company.

About the application form:
• Answer the questions clearly and concisely: the limit for most open questions is 500 characters
• You can upload an illustrative picture or document with the application. This is voluntary
• Fields marked with an * are compulsory

If you wish to change your application after you have already sent it, you can either update your existing application or send a new one before the deadline. The new application will replace the old one and you will receive a new confirmation e-mail.

The deadline to send applications is May 16th 2021, midnight CET. Participation is FREE OF CHARGE.

For more information on the competition as well as previous winners, please visit:

The information submitted will be available to the Nordic Cleantech Open Jury and Cleantech Scandinavia members. Regarding the personal contact information you submit, you can read more information on how we use your personal data from our privacy policy.

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Best of luck!

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Choose the segment that best reflects the core of your business

Here you can specify or clarify the area in which your company is working on (e.g. green building, smart grid, circular economy, smart city, IoT, etc.)

What is the core product and/or service that the company offers, and how do you do it? Write a summary of your business model.

What is the unique aspect of what you offer? What is your competitive advantage?

Please provide an explanation on how your solution works and what is special about it.

Where can the solution be applied? What specifics are needed for the solution to be applicable?

How are you protecting (or planning on protecting) the intellectual property and competitive advantage of your business? Eg. Patents, Trade secrets, Know-how, access to resources.

You can add a picture or diagram to better illustrate how your solution works.
Who are your target/primary customers? From which sector or industry?

A unique selling point (USP) is the factor that differentiates a product from its competitors, such as the lowest cost, the highest quality or the first-ever product of its kind. A USP could be thought of as “what you have that competitors don't.”

Which specific countries are you addressing or planning to address? Why are you choosing those countries? Please be SPECIFIC on your market development plans.


Please mention CURRENCY.

Please mention CURRENCY.

What is the background and experience of key members of the company? Most relevant are experiences from your target industry and/or entrepreneurial experiences, including starting up and growing a business.

Please provide more than 1 contact from team member. The activities for selected companies are vast and we will need to talk to you!

If YES to the question above, please provide the impact of your company.

We are launching an exchange program with the several international organizations. If "Yes" please describe where.

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