Nordic Cleantech Open - Seventh Round
Welcome to apply to the start-up competition for cleantech companies - the Nordic Cleantech Open! This competition aims to identify, upgrade and highlight the 25 best seed stage cleantech start-ups in the Nordic and Baltic regions. We want to ensure you get the best out of this competition, including valuable feedback from the jury, and would kindly ask you to fill in the application well and thoroughly.

Who can apply?

- Anyone looking to turn their cleantech start-up company into a thriving business can apply. The company must own the rights to the idea you are presenting for the competition.

- It is recommended that the applying company is a start-up that has received less than EUR 1,000,000 in external private financing. Grant funding, revenues and any money from friends and family are excluded. However, if you are a start-up slightly above the recommended funding level and looking for further investments and industrial exposure, you are welcome to apply.

- Past Nordic Cleantech Open Top 25 companies are excluded.

About the application form:

- You can upload an illustrative picture or a document in this application. This is voluntary.

- Please be concise: the limit for most open questions is 1000 characters.

- Fields marked with an * are compulsory.

You may enter with a new application for your company at any time until deadline. Your old application will then be replaced with the newest version and you will receive a new confirmation e-mail. There is also the option to update your current application.

The application deadline is 1st of December 2017.

More information about the competition on the website:

Participation is FREE OF CHARGE.

The information submitted will be made available to the Nordic Cleantech Open Jury and Cleantech Scandinavia members.

Please email any questions or comments to:

You can be the next shining star, so show us who you are!

You will receive an e-mail confirmation that your application has been received.

Include name, position/title, phone number(s) and e-mail.

Choose one segment that reflects the core of your business idea.
In short, what is your core product / service offering? Write a summary of what the company is doing and how you do it, in other words, what your business model is.

Explain what is the problem that the product / service tries to solve.

What makes your company’s offer particularly innovative compared to existing alternatives? Briefly describe the competitors and why your solution is different from your competitors’, in other words, what is your competitive advantage.

Describe the technology to solve the problems you are addressing. Help us to understand how your technology / solution works. What is specific about it? Is it new or just used in a new area?

You can add figures or other means to better illustrate how your solution works.
Where can the solution be applied? What specifics are needed for the solution to be applicable?

How are you protecting (or going to protect) the intellectual property and competitive advantage of your business (e.g. patents, trade secrets, know how, greater access to resources, superior process)?

Use this field only to describe the environmental benefits of your product.

Who are your target / primary customers i.e. sector, industry, etc.? Who is going to pay for your solution? If you already have reference installations, customer testing or paying customers, feel free to describe them here.

What are the direct benefits for your customers? Why will they buy your solution? What is the economy for the customer, payback time on investment etc.?

Customers in which countries / regions are you addressing and planning to address? Why are you choosing this target market? Be specific on your plans in market development step by step.

What is the background and experience of key persons / employees in the company? Most relevant to mention are experience from your target industry and entrepreneurial experience, including experience of starting up and growing a business.

If so, please feel free to specify the amount and type of preferred VC actor (e.g. strategic, passive, industrial, private). An explanation to what the money will be used for is always appreciated. State the time frame for raising the money if there is a time limit.

If so, feel free to describe what kind of channels the company is looking for – e.g. industrial partners (joint R&D projects, manufacturing collaboration etc.), distributors, customers, etc.

* Mandatory